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Today, there is a wide choice of available methods and systems for multirise floor construction. Vescom Structures, Inc. offers a composite floor system for multi-rise floor construction. However, the Vescom Systems' unique and innovative combination of advantages has made it the ideal choice for the broadest spectrum of applications.
Now, it is not only possible, but practical to achieve the strength and rigidity of structural steel or concrete with the economy and simplicity of conventional joist construction.
Builders, engineers and architects have discovered in Vescom a system of exceptional versatility. A single floor system as compatible with either masonry or high rise concrete construction as it is with structural steel and truss girder systems.
Floors of exceptional rigidity and strength are achieved without the inherent compromises in cost and complexity imposed by so many alternative systems and methods.

Builders can build structures with our composite joist flooring systems and panelized wall systems for a fraction of the cost as traditional structural steel and concrete.
The Vescom Systems allow for a variety of engineering possibilities for multirise floor construction.
Architects have many design options using our joist and panelized construction methods. Please view our portfolio to see some recent projects.
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